The future of
natural aromas
is here

EvodiaBio is reinventing the production of natural aromas for a more sustainable world.
Our goal is to create a future where everyone can enjoy great taste and smell without depleting natural resources.

We are operating on the frontier of aromatic innovation. We are setting a new agenda by applying fermentation to produce natural and environmentally friendly aromas. The aim is to revolutionize a wide range of industries category by category – starting with beer.


Today, aromatic compounds are either extracted from intensive farming of plants or synthesized using petrochemicals, harmful catalysts and solvents.


EvodiaBio has reinvented natural aromas by fermentation.


This ensures both a consistent aroma as well as a significant reduction of water use compared to growing and using e.g. hops – proposing a more environmentally friendly choice.

We make
non-alcoholic beer
taste like ... beer

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