How to use Yops™

Yops™ can be added, at your convenience, at various stages of the brewing process to spike a certain note in the final beer or help you adjust promptly to fast-changing consumer trends. Yops™ can fully or partly replace fresh hops, pellets, or hop oil.

It is very effective in making non-alcoholic beer taste great every time

Proven impact
on aroma

Yops™ has been proven to enhance hop notes and mask off-flavors, improving the overall beer flavor

A commercial non-alcoholic beer was tested first

A commercial non-alcoholic beer with Yops™

Yops™ enhances hoppy aroma and masks off-flavors

Source: Third party study conducted by NIRAS, a leading professional beer-tasting panel in Europe

Our first Yops™ floral blend has been tested on a commercial non-alcoholic beer with great results.The evaluation was done by NIRAS, one of the top beer sensory panels in Europe.

NIRAS professional beer panel evaluated commercial non-alcoholic beer and commercial non-alcoholic beer after the addition of the Yops™ floral aroma.

The result showed a remarkable improvement in beer quality upon addition of Yops™.

The overall score improved from satisfactory to good, bringing the Yops™-containing beer at the high-end part of the distribution of 7,000 different non-alcoholic and alcoholic beers assessed from the same panel.

The panel also reported a clear enhancement of hoppy flavors, together with a decrease in worthy and grainy off-flavors. We are very happy about these results as it shows the Yops™ aroma does exactly what it is designed to do.

flavour notes

Yops™ superior in enhancing a specific flavour note/profile


What hops and hop oils are not able to do is adding a specific pure flavour note without increasing the other notes of the specific hop variety. E.g., if we want to increase the citrusy flavour of the beer in, for example, the Herkules variety, we also add herbal notes, tropical fruit, and so on. There is no possibility of spiking up just one specific flavour note. This is valid for all hops varieties (and thus hop oils).

In contrast, Yops™ can add a specific pure flavour note while maintaining that round and rich taste, we all want – and without increasing unwanted off-notes. E.g. Yops™ citrus is a concentrate of monoterpenes that provide citrus flavour and is missing other hops constituents responsible for other flavours.


More environmentally friendly

Today, natural aromatic compounds are either extracted from intensive farming of plants or synthesized using petrochemicals and harmful catalysts and solvents.


Yops™ is hop aromas reinvented by fermentation. This means significantly less water is used compared to growing hops making Yops™ a more environmentally friendly choice. Further, Yops™ can even help reduce waste during brewing.


Sustainable Development Goals

With Yops™, EvodiaBio puts serious action behind the sustainability ambition by contributing to the achievement of:


SDG #6 (Clean Water) and SDG #13 (Climate Action) – by vastly lowering land use, water consumption, and CO2 emissions compared to traditional hops farming.

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