Yeast-derived hop aromas crafted through fermentation

Every brewer of non-alcoholic beer knows the struggle of nailing the right taste.

But why settle for anything less than perfection – when you no longer have to?


Why not make a full-flavoured non-alcoholic beer, 

full of the distinctive hoppy aroma of quality beer?

Boost your desired hop flavor

Consistent aroma profile, every time

Easy to use & store

What is Yops™?

Yops™ is hops from yeast – a range of natural and environmentally friendly aromas that bring out the best of hops.


Yops™ empowers you to make the perfect non-alcoholic beer your way – and nail the perfect taste every time.


Based on a unique and patented technology that enables the production of key aromatic molecules using fermentation, Yops™ provides a superior, consistent brewing product. Perfect for making non-alcoholic beer taste like … beer.

The prototype

clearly boosted the desired aroma!”

Skovlyst Brewery

Definitely more

hoppy – and no off- flavours”

Jack Olsen,

+30 experience from Carlsberg Brewery

Convinced that

Yops™ can innovate the NoLo category”

Teedawn Brewery


Tailored for improved taste
Yops™ provides a pure and specific aroma profile and better mouthfeel

Consistent outcome
Same great flavour – everytime

Easy to use & store
Easy to work with and add into existing brewing processes

Environmentally Friendly
Made by fermentation, Yops™ significantly reduces the environmental footprint compared to production of hops

Yops™ is a nature-based ingredient produced via fermentation. No chemical synthesis involved

Easy to customize and develop proprietary blends

Competitive price compared to using more hops or adding hop-oils

A non-alcoholic beer that leaves the right mouthfeel, is all natural, and tastes just as it should.
With Yops™, this vision can become a reality.

A range of aromas

EvodiaBio is reinventing the production of natural aromas for a more sustainable world.

Our goal is to create a future where everyone can enjoy great taste and smell without depleting natural resources.


We are operating on the frontier of aromatic innovation. We are setting a new agenda by applying fermentation to produce natural and environmentally friendly aromas. The aim is to revolutionize a wide range of industries category by category – starting with beer.