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Making Molecules Instead of Growing Them






New Protein

Yops precision fermentation Evodia Bio sustainable aromas (newprotein.net)



Artic Startup

Danish biotech startup Evodiabio grabs $6.4M to produce aroma through precision fermentation – ArcticStartup




Sustainable natural aromas for the food industry – Springwise



Innovations Food

EvodiaBio raises 6.4 million dollars to produce aroma through precision fermentation – Innovations Food



Food Ingredients First

EvodiaBio nets US$6.4M to produce non-alcoholic beer aromas using precision fermentation (foodingredientsfirst.com)



Green Queen

EvodiaBio Raises $6.4 Million for Its Precision Fermentation Aromas for Beer (greenqueen.com.hk)



Food Navigator

The ‘elegant’ yeast-based technology solution vowing to disrupt the global beverage industry (foodnavigator.com)




Aromaselskab vil forbedre smagen i alkoholfri  øl – øjner marked tæt på 1 mia