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Forskere i Danmark opfinder ‘gamechanger’ for alkoholfrie øl

Nature biotechnology

Synbio salvages alcohol-free beer

Ekstra Bladet

Dansk gennembrud: slut med vandet alkoholfri øl ( in danish )

Øl-gennembrud: Danske forskere fremstiller alkoholfri øl uden vandet smag ( in danish )

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Copenhagen Scientists Created Engineered Yeast for Non-Alcoholic Beer

The print

Non-alcoholic beer? Researchers have developed one that tastes exactly like the regular!

Technology networks

Non-Alcoholic Beer Created That Taste Like Regular Beer

The Science Times

Non-Alcoholic Beer That Tastes Like the Real Deal Finally Discovered By Producing Molecules That Provide a Hoppy Flavor

BFN Today UK 

Researchers make non-alcoholic beer taste like regular beer

Daily Mail online

Un-beer-lievable! Scientists develop a way to extract ‘hoppy’ molecules from baker’s yeast – and say they can be added to non-alcoholic beers to make them taste more like the real deal

Brewing non-alcoholic beer that tastes just like regular beer

Nature Biotechnology

Synbio salvages alcohol-free beer

Science News DK

Yeast can make the production of flavours and fragrances more… (


Forskere vil løse »kulsort problem« og gøre alkoholfri øl velsmagende og klimavenlig ( in danish )

KU ( University of Copenhagen )

Researchers make non-alcoholic beer taste like regular beer – University of Copenhagen (


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